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Hands-on: Welcome to the Game II is creepy AF
An occasional scare or two can be fun, but the recently released Welcome to the Game II combines creepy atmospherics, puzzle-solving, an occasional jump-scare (or a few), and a really interesting premise around interacting with the dark web. But, really, this game is just generally creepy, and absolutely worth playing until you realize you now can't go to bed.
Everyone loves the new God of War game: Why?
The new God of War game for Sony's PlayStation 4 arrives tomorrow, and plenty of critics are already hailing it as one of the greatest games you can buy, period. YouTuber Downward Thrust attempts to explain why God of War is slicing and dicing its way to the top of the scoring charts.
You can now kill yourself on an electric skateboard
Everything goes electric eventually: trains, cars, bikes, and now skateboards. Say hello to the Boosted Board, a $750 miniature skateboard that you can use to zip around town while exerting much less physical effort than before. Just don't fall off, or else your skateboard might continue the journey even longer... assuming you're still holding on to your hand remote.
That's no MacBook, that's a Matebook
Until Huawei gets sued into oblivion for inching way, way too close to Apple's turf with its Matebook X Pro, you should definitely put this laptop toward the top of your "wishful purchases" list. YouTuber runs us through the reasons why Huawei—not often known as a top-tier laptop manufacturer—is making big leaps with the Matebook X Pro.
Check out Explore Gadgets' 10 must-have Android apps
Trying to find the next best Android app can be a bit of a headache, given just how much the Google Play Store is filled with, well, not-so-great apps—to put it mildly. Thankfully, YouTuber Explore Gadgets has done the legwork, and here are the ten apps they think you should try out right now.
Hands-on: Huawei's P20 Pro is a great camera (and smartphone)
If you care more about your smartphone's camera than anything else, you might be surprised to find that Apple and Samsung don't offer the only game in town. Huawei's P20 Pro takes incredible low-light shots, which is a must-have for things like concerts, sunsets, and pictures of your cat in your dimly lit gaming room.
Intel and AMD create a super-cool CPU
Intel and AMD working together to make anything for your computer is a bit like puppies and kittens being friends—sure, it might work for a little while, but the collaboration will eventually dissolve. Right? In the meantime, the fruits of these two tech titans' labors is an 8th-generation Intel CPU combined with an AMD Radeon RX Vega GPU. Who would have thought?
Hands-on: Saying hello to Nest's Hello
The battle of the smart doorbells continues. While most people think of the (cleverly named) Ring when they think of a smart doorbell—one that can notify you when it's rung and show you who's at the door, at the very least—Nest has its own competitor ready to capture your guests' fingers. How well does it stack up?
DIY: Do more fans in a computer mean better cooling?
It makes perfect sense—on paper, at least—that adding more airflow to something should make it cooler. Right? So what happens when you outfit your computer's case with nine fans? Aside from never being able to hear any games you're playing, what does this do to your PC's thermals?
It's not that hard to sneak your geek gear into concerts, right?
It's almost summertime, which means it's almost time for a ton of summer music festivals. Most forbid you from bringing in anything more than a bottle of sealed water in a clear bag, it feels like; what if you need your smartphone, your charger, and your Nintendo Switch to play during the acts you don't care about? YouTuber TechSmartt shows off what he snuck in to the mother of all festivals, Coachella.
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