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What happened at Facebook this week
If you're wondering why your friends all suddenly want to delete their Facebook accounts, you haven't been checking up on the news much this week. Facebook is taking a lot of heat for some data privacy issues from its past; are its promises of change enough to keep its users happy?
Can you hack soda?
We never knew "soda accessories" were a thing, but YouTuber Matthias has gotten his hands on ten different items—all from eBay—that purportedly enhance your soda-drinking experience. That, or they make a huge freakin' mess. Let's see...
Hak5 Rebuilds its studio in under four minutes
We love a good timelapse video, and this latest upload from Hak5 gives a quick—and we mean quick—glimpse at just how much work it takes to build a new studio for YouTube videos from scratch. Don't even ask how much it costs.
How an automatic Mahjong table works its magic
We don't play Mahjong, but we would absolutely want to play with this table that automatically shuffles Mahjong tiles from a big, chaotic mess into perfectly randomized rows. Now if someone can build a table that automatically shuffles cards the right orientation, organizes one's D&D miniatures, and stirs a delicious beverage—take our money.
Please build a desktop PC like this
We love it when Linus Tech Tips busts out a new PC build, and his latest creation is no different. Had we only the time, home setup, and patience to put as much TLC into a brand-new computer setup as him. Oh, and the cash. One mustn't forget the cash.
Please don't ever build a desktop PC like this
We've bled on desktop PCs; we've covered desktop PCs with liquid (unintentionally); we've shorted out desktop PCs. But never have we gone through a brand-new computer build as poorly as what you'll see in this video from Bitwit—a parody, we hope.
iOS 11.3 is almost here: Why that matters
We're so very, very close to the full, public release of iOS 11.3. While you're probably going to upgrade your iPhone anyway, since that's the right thing to do for performance and security, here's what you have to look forward to in the next big update.
Hands-on with Canon's first 4K mirrorless camera
At first glance, you might assume a brand-new camera from Canon—with the descriptions "4K" and "mirrorless"—is going to set you back a ton of cash. And while it is, yes, the hurt isn't that bad. This entry-level camera costs a mere $780 (body-only), but it lets you shoot 3,840 x 2,160 video at 24 fps or 1080p video at 60 fps. Other fun specs: 24.1 megapixels, a brand-new DIGIC 8 processor, and an OLED optical viewfinder.
One Samsung Galaxy S9; Five amazing tricks
Now that you've had a little bit of time to play with your brand-new Samsung Galaxy S9, have you mastered all of its settings and features? Even if you think you have, it's worth spending a few minutes with Jonathan Morrison to learn his five amazing, need-to-know tips for your device. Who knows—you might learn something new!
Start your morning with a little Deadpool
A brand-new trailer for Deadpool 2 just dropped. As always, The Reel Rejects have one of the best reaction-slash-analysis videos on the Web—absolutely worth watching if you want a little more insight for everyone's favorite fourth-wall-breaking superhero.
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