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Testing the CHEAPEST Gaming Mice We Could Find!
One MacBook Air. One game. 200 FPS. How?
It seems like something out of Doc Brown's dreams, but has managed the impossible—getting crazy-absurd frame rates on his not-so-powerful MacBook Air. If you're hip to today's latest computing trends, you probably already have an idea of how he does it. If not, be sure to watch his video to figure out how you can turn your simpler laptop into a killer gaming system.
Hot Deal: Sphero BB-8 Droid with Force Band ($75)

Use the Force—or, at least, use your wrist to pretend like you're using the Force to control this tiny BB-8. Sphero's toy droid is a blast to play around with, and you can now score one for $125 off its regular price as part of this limited-time Woot deal.

Speedrunner sets new Super Mario Bros. world record: 04:56.462
Big props to YouTuber Kosmicd12, who managed to shave four frames—or 66 milliseconds—off the previous speedrunning world record for Super Mario Bros. These extreme gamers are bound to hit the wall at some point, but we're curious to see just how much farther they can push to get Mario through all eight worlds as fast as possible.
Hot Deal: JBL Everest Elite 700 Noise-Canceling headphones (refurbished, $130)

Though refurbished, these white JBL Everest Elite 700 noise-canceling headphones cost a fraction of their regular $300 price. Amazon's deal is only good for today (Friday, February 16), so don't hesitate. Digital Trends awarded the JBL Everest Elite 700 a rating of eight out of 10, describing them as "a utility knife of audio whose individual tools might not work as well as standalone competitors but, when packaged together, provide an extremely formidable and useable end product for great performance in all situations."

Behind the scenes with iFixit
Most gadget junkies know iFixit—the website that goes to great lengths to meticulously disassemble all of the latest tech gadgets. Not only do you get to learn about what's inside and how your favorite devices are manufactured, you can also get some tips for fixing common (but mechanically tricky) issues with your gadgets. To see how iFixit gets the job done, check out Motherboard's mini-documentary on the site's master disassemblers.
Hot Deal: Roku Ultra ($90)

Ten bucks is ten bucks, right? The savings isn't huge, but it's something—and Roku's Ultra top-of-the-line streaming box is worth every penny. According to PCMag, this 4K HDR streaming device "is packed full of handy features" that might not be worth its regular $100 price, but we think they're definitely compelling when you can snag a decent discount. 

That sweet smart speaker stain
There's been plenty of talk this week about how Apple's new smart speaker, the all-white HomePod, can leave ugly circular stains on certain wooden surfaces. Well, it's not the only speaker that has this issue. Before you invest in a speaker coaster, watch this CNET video to see if yours will also leave unsightly marks on your furniture.
Hot Deal: Dungeons 2 (PC, free)

If you liked the Dungeon Keeper franchise, you'll probably get some enjoyment out of the PC game Dungeons 2—especially since the game is completely free for downloading right now on GOG. Give it a try!

Should you buy Kingdom Come: Deliverance?
We've previewed this title, but now that it's out, the general consensus seems to be that Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a gorgeous game that might bore you—in those moments you aren't getting lit up by angry NPCs because you haven't yet mastered the game's version of realistic medieval sword combat. In this video, YouTuber Worth A Buy takes you through a bit of Kingdom Come: Deliverance to help you decide whether you should toss a sack of gold at this game.
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