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Can a professional photographer do just as good a job with a smartphone?
It's easy to think about a future where a single device—your smartphone—can take shots that rival what you'd get from a super-expensive DSLR. We might not be quite there just yet, but just how close are we to the ultimate photography dream? YouTube's talks to professional photographer Marian Sell to find out.
Real-time ray tracing can get to our PC games soon enough
To quote ILMxLAB, "Real-time ray tracing is considered to be a holy grail for those creating high-end cinematic imagery, and one that signifies a leap forward in the convergence of film and games." This experimental cinematic demonstration, presented at this year's Game Developers Conference, gives a tease of what the future of gaming could look like. We can't wait.
So, what the heck is Marvel's Infinity War?
If you haven't been keeping up on all your Marvel superhero movies over the past decade or so, we can't fault you—there's a lot to take in. Miss a few here and there, and you won't be able to tell an Infinity Gauntlet from a Tesseract. Before you check out the big Avengers: Infinity War flick in a week, get caught up to speed with the plot thanks to this incredible edit of all the major moments you might have missed.
What might Netflix have looked like in 1995?
Time to hop into a time machine. If Netflix existed back in the era of dial-up and AOL, what would it have been look like to use the... er... "streaming" service? We suspect it would have been agonizing. Plus, imagine all those horrible promotions for the Super Mario Bros. movie you would have had to look at.
Which Battle Royale is best on iOS? Fortnite or PUBG?
If you've been lucky enough to get into the Fortnite beta, then you have a bit of a dilemma on your hands. Should you spend ever waking moment trying to be the final Fortnite iOS player to finish a match, or are you going to go for that elusive chicken dinner in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds? Which game is worth your time?
Even Batman needs an awesome gaming desktop
Anyone can build a great gaming desktop PC, but building one that's Batman-themed? That takes a little creativity. Thankfully, YouTube's TechSource is up to the task, taking on a computer creation that would make the caped crusader proud.
Speed tests: Three smartphones enter, one smartphone leaves
Curious to see just how well Apple's iPhone X fares against Samsung's Galaxy S9+ in everyday use? YouTuber PhoneBuff runs the two devices—and a bonus OnePlus 5T—through some common scenarios to see which delivers the best performance. Ready, set, smartphone race!
What should Apple dump in the 2018 MacBook Pro?
We should probably phrase that differently: What should Apple fix about the 2017 MacBook Pro when it refreshes the laptop—possibly as early as this year. YouTuber Jonathan Morrison takes us through his wish list, and we're already betting that "the damn keyboard" is at least in the top three.
Force tears: When two old friends reacquaint in Star Wars: The Last Jedi
This quick clip, bonus footage from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, is a wonderfully touching moment of Mark Hamill's first reintroduction to an old friend. Two, actually.
Out today: Bad Dudes (Nintendo Switch)
Ah, nostalgia. Can you remember the last time you played a side-scrolling punching-and-kicking title? Neither can we, but you'll get another chance to relive the past with today's legacy launch of Bad Dudes for the Nintendo Switch. And if you don't feel like plunking down for a trip down memory lane, check out this quick first-impressions video of the game.
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