Will Microsoft's Surface Book 2 Compete with MacBook Pro?
Apple may no longer be a clear winner in the high-end laptop market.

This month Microsoft announced a noteworthy update in their premium 2-in-1 “Surface” series of notebooks. The Surface Book 2, set to hit the streets in the U.S. on November 16th, is being touted as a MacBook Pro killer. Microsoft claims that by adding faster graphics cards, longer battery life, and the new 8th-generation Intel i7 processors, the Surface Book 2 will best MacBook’s performance at a similar price point.

Better Hinge Quality, Wide Range of Spec Options

Microsoft’s Surface Book entered the market as a solid hybrid tablet/laptop, with one primary flaw: The quick release hinge connecting the screen to the keyboard was underbuilt. Users complained that the connection was too loose and that the screen wobbled too easily. Surface Book 2 has addressed that issue with a rock-solid “fulcrum” hinge that they claim releases faster. The screen stays firmly in place, something you’d expect from a traditional premium laptop.

High Performance For a High Price

“More powerful than a MacBook Pro,” Microsoft claims. The Surface Book 2 will come standard with an 8th-generation Intel processor and a dedicated NVIDIA graphics card that can be spec’d up to a GTX 1060. So their claim is true – on paper, at least. The first few months of real-world performance will give me more insight, but as it stands I’m seriously considering the Surface Book 2 as my next creative productivity laptop.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 will be available for pre-order starting November 9th. Stay tuned to Unboxed, as we’ll go into further depth about this new gem of a laptop and tell you how it measures up to its competitors in the premium price range.

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