3 Cool Accessories Worthy of iPhone X

In the leadup to Apple’s much anticipated September product unveiling, there were enough leaks that nothing we saw really shocked us. Still, it was satisfying to put all the rumors to bed. Finally, we know the tenth anniversary iPhone will start shipping in October. If you’re the type who pounces on the latest and greatest right when it hits the streets, you might consider welcoming your new iPhone 8, 8 Plus or X home with these cool companion accessories made to bring your new phones’ features fully to life.

Wireless Charging Saves Time, Wear and Tear

If you want the convenience of wireless charging right out of your new iPhone’s box, the Belkin Boost Up Charging Pad is a solid choice. Its higher watt output will accommodate bigger devices like iPads as the “Qi” wireless charging platform becomes an industry standard.

Take Control of Background Noise with Smart Earbuds

“IQbuds” by NUHEAERA have active noise reduction for those times when you need to tune out the world around you. They also allow you to trim ambient noise back in - one feature Apple’s AirPods have yet to offer. In situations like jogging outside, environmental awareness can save you from being mugged or hit by a bus. Not a bad idea, right?

Augmented Reality, Without a Huge Box on Your Head

iPhone 8 & X’s faster processor and higher-quality depth sensing tech are tasty treats for developers working on ever better augmented reality apps. Even so, you won’t catch me hunting Pokémon in the park. But if AR is your thing, the soon to be released Mira Prism headset will free your hands for a better semi-virtual gaming experience.

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