4,215 Seconds with Tesla's Model 3
The Model 3 Owners Club takes us through every inch of a brand-new Model 3. Get the popcorn.

Whether you have a preorder for Tesla's Model 3 or not, plenty of people have been waiting to see what it's like to get behind the wheel of Tesla's more-affordable follow-up to the Model S and Model X. And while we've seen some hands-on demonstrations from those lucky enough to attend Tesla's press events for the Model 3, we have yet to come across as comprehensive a look at the new car as the latest video from Model 3 Owners Club. 

If you have the time—an hour and ten minutes, to be exact—watch as Trevor and Kenneth go over every inch of Tesla's all-electric car. (We've had car detailing appointments that are less thorough than this.) If this video gets you interested in purchasing a Model 3 of your very own, you're in for a bit of a wait. Orders placed today will likely have a delivery date of mid to late 2018—plenty of time for YouTube videos, but an unpleasant delay for driving.

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