8 Digital Turntables At The Right Price!
Turntables with at 21st century spin

If you’re interested in starting to collect records, you’re going to need a record player. A lot of the records players being sold now have some sort of digital capability, so we looked at a number of relatively inexpensive digital record players (also known as turntables) to help you get started on your journey through the world of vinyl.

Stanton T.92 USB & Line Output Turntable

The Stanton T.92 USB & Line Output Turntable is a nice record player, both aesthetically and quality-wise. It seems like Stanton thought of everything with this particular product. It’s sturdy, super fast, has a USB port, and standard phono output. Call me a weirdo, but I like that it has a reverse button (which can be fun for mixing and Djing, and also for finding secret messages on the records in your dad’s 70s rock music collection).

Audio-Technica LP60BT Bluetooth Turntable

The easy-to-use Audio-Technica LP60BT Bluetooth Turntable is one of the more popular record players on the market today. Unlike other units, you don’t need to calibrate, attach, or install anything. Due to its simplicity, it’s the ideal choice for somebody just starting to venture into the world of vinyl or for those that are only casually interested in records. I have this turntable and love it.

Sony PS-LX300USB Turntable with MP3 Conversion

Sony’s PS-LX300 USB Turntable with MPS Conversion has a pretty cool trick up its sleeve (get it, sleeve? Records? I’ll see myself out now…)in that it can convert your records to mp3. So if you have some rare records in your collection that you can’t find on CD or online, or if you don’t want to buy Dark Side of the Moon on multiple formats, you can just use your handy-dandy PS-LX300 USB to digitize your analog music collection. Pretty neat, right?

Rock N Rolla Junior Portable Turntable

This cool little turntable is ideal for those who want to listen to their vinyl collection while on the go. You could easily take the Rock N Rolla Junior Portable Turntable out onto your porch to chill out on a bright sunny afternoon or perhaps groove with it at a party. This product features a superior quality durable motor for accurate playing speed and a diamond-tipped needle, which not only promotes heightened sound quality but also protects your vinyl from scratches.

Pro-Ject Essential II

Top of the line turntables can sell for thousands of dollars, but what if you want a superior product without breaking the bank? Well, the Pro-Ject Essential II is the record player for you! Pro-Ject makes popular turntables outfitted with hardware that makes them comparable to high-end models but at far more affordable, mid-range prices. Not only that, but this product also comes in a variety of color choices!

Are you interested in getting into vinyl for the first time? Did you grow up with an analog turntable but now want to upgrade to a digital model? Let us know on Twitter at @GetUnboxed!

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