Amazon Announces Upgrades to Alexa Products
New products by Amazon make Alexa smarter than ever.

On September 27th at their Seattle headquarters, Amazon announced exciting upgrades to their smart home hardware. Our favorite smart home friend Alexa will be happy. Alexa’s new smart home devices are yet another tech step to help you and your family be more productive at home.

Echo Lineup Gets Smarter

Amazon’s new line of Echo speakers are smarter than ever. Once you ask Alexa for her advice, you’ll be amazed at how smart she is. The new Echo Spot, Echo Plus, and Echo button are really stiff competitors to Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

Really, Really Smart Alarm Clock

I’ve gotta admit, Alexa’s new alarm clock does so much, it’s almost creepy. She doesn’t just know the time; she is able to make video calls, store your family pictures, and suggest recipes for breakfast.

Amazon Has Answer to Google’s 4K TV

The competition for best 4K streaming TV device has never been this stiff. Now, Google, Apple, and Amazon are in the running to capture your evening TV watching attention.

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