Nov 07, 2017

Animoji Karaoke > Carpool Karaoke

By Unboxed

Move over, YouTube singers. Animoji are here. 

For years, we've watched people set up webcams and smartphones, nervously plant themselves in front of microphones, and let loose with incredible covers of popular songs—and everything in between. That includes Numa Numa kid, every single person who has set up a Brady Bunch-style grid and sang a barbershop version of a song with themselves, and Tay Zonday

Now that you can transform your face into one of 12 different animated characters on the iPhone X, these animoji—whose movements and expressions align with your face's—are stepping up to the virtual microphone in a big way. Animoji Karaoke feels a bit like a fad, but we can definitely see it growing into a thing if, or when, Apple decides to flood the market with more animated characters. (One can only see so much poop singing Queen, after all.)

Here are some of our favorite animated performances so far:

"Hakuna Matata," The Lion King

It's only fitting—and meta—that animated characters singing a song by animated characters takes the first spot in our set list. Hey Apple: When can we get some Disney animoji?  We'll pay!

"The Schuyler Sisters," Hamilton

Puppy. Kitty. And Bunny. To be honest, we're shocked that the zealous fans of this must-see musical haven't recreated its full 46-track cast recording in animoji by now. Surely, Mr. Poop is probably feeling blue that the colonies are pursuing independence.

Star Wars Medley

This Star Wars mashup from late-night host Jimmy Fallon and house band The Roots originally debuted in December of 2015, a few days before "The Force Awakens." And like the dark side, it has since resurfaced.

"Man's Not Hot," Big Shaq

Boo to the creator of this animoji video for not doing the entire song. At the very least, you get a chance to watch different animoji give their best renditions of The ting goes skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka / Skidiki-pap-pap, and a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boom / Skya, du-du-ku-ku-dun-dun / Poom, poom, you dun know.

(At least, that's what Genius claims Big Shaq is saying.)

Bonus: Animoji on the silver screen

We'd rather spend one minute watching animoji recreate some of the more iconic moments in modern cinema than 91 minutes watching The Emoji Movie.  Khhhhaaaaaannnn!!!