Apple: hire animoji beatboxer Rudi Rok right now
Rok's vocalizations of the iPhone X animoji are so good, he might as well be the next Apple commercial.

Apple designed its animoji to be silent performers—companions to your iPhone X that can adopt your vocalizations and face gestures when requested.  It's great that Apple didn't just dictate what animoji should sound like or, worse, adopt some kind of filter that translates your voice into animoji-speak. (As to how poop would sound, we hesitate to ask.)

After watching beatboxer Rudi Rok present an incredible range of characterizations for each of Apple's animoji, we're willing to change our minds. His impressions are spot-on—and one EDM track away from commercial fame.  Seriously, Apple: sign this guy up for a few TV spots. We'd much rather watch him than animoji karaoke (or Carpool Karaoke).

RudiRok: "Forget about animoji karaoke! What do animojis actually sound like? I played around with iPhone X’s animojis and they had a lot to say, even the panda! #WhatDoesTheFoxSay"

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