Benchmark Battle: Pixel 2 XL, Galaxy Note 8, and the OnePlus 5
Which Android device is the fastest for everyday use? YouTuber PhoneBuff takes a look!

If you have a need for speed for your next mobile device, and you're a big Android aficionado, you're going to love this latest round of tests from YouTuber David "PhoneBuff" Rahimi. 

In it, he sits down with three top Android phones—Google's Pixel 2 XL, Samsung's Galaxy Note 8, and the OnePlus 5—to see just how long it takes each phone to perform a suite of different activities. That includes fiddling around with device settings, loading apps, and playing games. 

To reduce the effect of external variables on his testing, he loads the same settings, apps, and games on each device in an identical order, and he times how long it takes each device to make it through his list of tasks. 

While Rahimi's tests aren't as scientific as the many Android benchmarks that currently exist, they're incredibly useful for getting a sense of what each phone may feel like for everyday use. The OnePlus 5 takes the win in his hands-on tests, but it's worth watching the entire two-minute process to see just how your next potential Android purchase performs!

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