Eye of the Holder: the Best Lenses for iPhone Photography
Up your iPhone photography game with these amazing lenses.

If you’re interested in photography, but don’t want to dish out the big bucks to buy a digital SLR camera, fear not! While iPhones are known for having pretty decent cameras, you can improve your iPhone’s image quality even further by using some of these great lenses, which will make your shots look like they were taken using professional equipment.

Amir 3- in-1 Lens Kit

This nifty little kit comes with three different lenses: a macro, a fisheye, and a wide angle lens. One of the nicest things about Amir’s lenses is how easy they are to attach to your iPhone--you simply clip them on and off. Another nice thing about these lenses is that they are made from high-quality glass, so you shouldn’t have to worry about glass flare and ghosting.

DxO One

The DxO One is more expensive than some of the other products listed here, but that’s because it is essentially a digital camera. Now, it might seem kind of silly to attach a digital camera to your smartphone--but this thing is amazing. It has professional camera settings such as auto mode, speed, and ISO. The cool thing about the DxO is that you don’t need to transfer photos onto your computer to edit or upload them onto the internet. You can edit your photos in an app and upload them directly online from your phone.

Telephoto Lens - Yarrashop Camera Lens Kit

At only $32, this lens’ price is right. This is a great product if you are into taking nature or wildlife photography. This is a heavy lens, so it actually comes with a tripod to stabilize it. It also comes with cases for your phone that allow you to screw the lens into your phone case. One of the problems with this lens is that it isn’t super practical--as previously mentioned, it is heavy, but it also doesn’t have autofocus, so you have to calibrate the focus manually.

Olloclip Active Lens Set

Olloclip is one of the more popular companies selling lenses for iPhones. It has already been updated for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Its ultra-wide lens is pretty wide and can cause some distortion, so if you’re looking for a wide lens this kit might not be what you want.

Moment New Lenses

Moment has some of the best iPhone lenses on the market, especially their recently-released Version 2 line. Moment sells four lenses that are compatible with iPhones: Superfish, Wide Angle, Tele, and Macro. These lenses are great for both photography and video. While these lenses are a little bit more on the pricey side when compared to some of the other products featured here, if you’re a shutterbug, Moment’s lenses are probably your best bet.

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