Casey Neistat Is Using Ebay To Help Puerto Rico Recover

While Puerto Rico continues the long rebuilding process after Hurricane Maria, Casey Neistat is using his YouTube fame to help make it a little bit easier. With over 7.8 million YouTube subscribers, Neistat is easily one of the most popular video bloggers (vloggers) on the web. After seeing the devastation in Puerto Rico, Neistat created a charity Ebay page designed to raise money to help those in need. Neistat is selling everything from a skateboard autographed by Tony Hawk to a 10,000 suitcase with 100% of the proceeds going to organizations currently operating in Puerto Rico.

His video is titled “i have a problem”, and his problem here is that he just has too much stuff. The solution he came up with was to sell a large amount of some of the awesome stuff people have given him in order to help people who are not nearly as fortunate as he is. If you are interested in helping aid the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and also want a chance to snag some awesome tech, definitely check out Neistat’s Ebay page. You’re bound to find a cool thing or two. Cool tech and charity, two things we absolutely love here at Unboxed.

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