Video: The craziest iPhone X tests you can do
We've found people freezing, slashing with swords, and torturing their brand-new Apple smartphones in plenty of creative ways—all in the name of science!

Benchmarks?  Old and busted.  Durability tests?  The new hotness.  What better way to show off Apple's engineering prowess—or lack thereof—than by taking its brand-new iPhone X to the limits.  How high can you drop it before it shatters into tiny (expensive) pieces?  How far can you submerge it?  Just how much fire can the iPhone X really handle?  If I run it over with my car, do I have a smartphone or a paperweight?

Now that the iPhone X has been out for a little over a week, we've seen plenty of people subjecting their devices to tests that are absolutely crazy. Here are some of our favorites.

Bouncy balls: the next, great iPhone X case?

On paper, it makes sense—surround your phone with bouncy balls, and it's like you added an inch-plus rubber protector to your device. Perhaps it will even bounce right back into your hand if you drop it.

GizmoSlip: "Wow, it held together better than I thought it would."

The 1,000+ foot drop test

You know the drill. Purchase brand-new iPhone. Climb something really tall. Remove iPhone from pocket. Drop iPhone to Earth. Remember to turn on secondary device to record free-fall. Descend really tall thing. Pick up iPhone. Rejoice if it still works. Lament if it is destroyed, but acknowledge that you probably still have a neat YouTube video that people will want to see. Go to Apple Store. Attempt to claim warranty repair. Repurchase iPhone.

UnlockRiver.com: "We love putting your favorite smartphones to extreme tests to see how durable they really are, and this test is our favorite because if your phone can handle this, it can handle anything."

The Mortal Kombat fatality test

This subtle variant on the drop test attempts to recreate one of Sub-Zero's famous fatalities from the Mortal Kombat series of games (and incredible '90s movie).  Here's the short version: you freeze something, subject it to extreme force, and see if it shatters into a million tiny pieces. Will the iPhone X score a flawless victory on this test?

EverythingApplePro: "I know some people, some of my fans, do live in a really cold place, and sometimes you leave your phone in a lake or something. It happens; it freezes over.  Will it survive?  Let's go ahead and freeze this thing in a tub of water overnight and see what happens."

The watermelon drop test

Now we're just getting silly. But we suppose a few inches of squishy, delicious fruit (or vegetable) is as good a smartphone protector as anything else.

Tanner Fox: "We're going to see if... oh, I have watermelon juice down my arm."

The Michael Myers / Norman Bates' mother test

If shanking your iPhone X with a knife doesn't scratch it up, then odds are good that it'll survive a few run-ins with the random stuff you keep in your pockets—including your car keys—without issue. As for the hammer you carry around...

TechRax: "That's crazy! That is some strong glass!"

The iPhone X scratch test: upgraded

You can scratch your iPhone X with keys; you can even try to stab it with a knife. But can an iPhone X protect you against an angry samurai—more importantly, can it save you without taking damage to its lovely finish?

GizmoSlip: "What is funny is that it did almost the same thing yesterday when we dropped it off the building..."

iPhone X: The Johnny Storm test

Flame on!  At this rate, we're expecting someone to tie their iPhone X to a kite, launch it up into a thunderstorm, and see how well it takes a lightning blast.  Until then, we'll just have to see how well the iPhone X deals with boring ol' fire.

TechRax: "Right away, you're going to be able to see some yellow stains..."

The untimely demise test

One of the worst things about being killed and coming back to life as an undead zombie is that your rotting face is likely going to make unlocking your brand-new iPhone X challenging. So, how gross can you get before your Face ID doesn't work anymore?

iJustine: "Is this what I look like?!?!"

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