Nov 27, 2017

Cyber Monday a.k.a. Nintendo Switch accessory day

By Unboxed

Did you get a Nintendo Switch during this weekend's shopping madness?  If you did, you're in good company.  The console dominated shopper's lists on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, outselling everything else on those two days, according to Adobe Digital Insights.

While deals for the Switch itself were limited, if they existed at all, you can score a number of great Switch accessories for a big discount today. Let Mario nap for a few minutes; it's time to put on your shopping hat.

Extra Joy-Cons ($68)

A number of retailers have extra Joy-Cons on sale today for 15 percent off their usual $80 price. Amazon's stock sold out when we were writing this, but they're worth checking to see if the deal is active for Neon Red/Blue and Gray controllers.

Otherwise, Toys 'R' Us is offering 15 percent off the Neon Red/Blue and Neon Green Joy-Cons—all other colors appear to be sold out at the moment. If you elect to pick up your purchases in-store, you'll also receive a $5 eGift card.

If you were aiming to score a specific color, Walmart has all Joy-Con controllers in stock for 15 percent off: Red, Blue, Neon Red/Blue, Gray, and Neon Green.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller ($60)

Amazon is currently offering a $10 discount on the price of a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. If you're not sure if you need one, Kevin Kenson has a great overview of the pros and cons of each controller type:

Joy-Con Charging Dock ($19)

If you just plunked down for some extra Joy-Cons for your Switch console, you're going to need a great way to charge them. This two-controller charging dock, which has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon with 99 total reviews, costs $11 less than it usually does. You know what to do.

AmazonBasics Travel ($16) and Slim ($10) Cases

Part of the success of the Nintendo Switch comes from just how easy it is to carry around. But you don't want to get the Switch all scratched up from whatever you keep in your backpack, purse, or giant pocket.  

If you're taking a big trip, consider Amazon's Travel and Storage case, which has room for the console, dock, cables, and Joy-Con controllers—now $14 off.  Otherwise, the AmazonBasics Carrying Case is perfect for your day-to-day gaming, with room for the Switch (and Joy-Cons), ten cartridges, and some cables and/or earbuds. Its $4 discount isn't the largest, but this case is still definitely worth picking up.

AmazonBasics Car Charger ($15)

Don't Switch and drive. However, do purchase Amazon's even-cheaper car charger for the Nintendo Switch so you can keep your console's battery topped off. For $15, or $5 off its regular price, the charger also helps to keep the passenger on your road trip occupied with finding the Triforce instead of fiddling with your playlists.