DJI Announces New 6K Camera
DJI is flying high with this 6K drone camera.

While drone camera technology has been improving over the years, it just hasn't been able to compete in the world of film. That is, until now. With the Zenmuse X7, DJI is trying to entice filmmakers into creating movies from their drones.

The Zenmuse X7 lets you shoot 6K RAW video with 14 stops of dynamic range and you have the option of purchasing 16mm, 24mm, 35mm and 50mm lenses (all with a maximum f/2.8 aperture). It also features a Cinema Color System to give more flexibility when it comes to editing.

If you want a movie-quality drone camera, it's going to come at a cost. The base Zenmuse X7 costs $2,699 and the different lenses cost $1,299 (minus the 50mm lens, which is $100 cheaper). A true completionist could get the four-lens bundle for $4,299, but that doesn't even account for the price of the DJI Inspire 2 drone needed to use the camera. The price point makes the Zenmuse X7 a product that will only appeal to true film enthusiasts.

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