Nov 20, 2017

Getting started in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

By Jason Nellis

Update (11/21): Nintendo launched Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp one day early. Thanks, guys! You can grab it right now for both iOS and Android.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Nintendo's much-anticipated mobile title, finally has an official launch day: Wednesday, November 22. And while fans of the franchise are probably mentally preparing themselves to pay off yet another mortgage to the ever-precise raccoon shop-owner, Tom Nook, don't worry. This game is all about customizing a campsite, not paying off a mortgage.

Though Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's official launch day is coming up, the title has already soft-launched in Australia, and plenty of campers have put a lot of time into their campsites so far. Take a look at some of their strategies for building a beautiful campsite, and start clearing off your calendar for the next few weeks. It's time for a digital vacation.

Camping 101: Walking through the basics

From customizing your camper to developing your first site, ZackScottGames gives new players a comprehensive look at their first big day in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

ZackScottGames: "Coconuts. Now let's meet a new friend! Hello! It's Jay! Are you just passing through this area too? Heyyyyy. High-five. We're road bros now."

Concerned about camping microtransactions?

Since it's free, and it's a Nintendo game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp does have some pay-to-play mechanics, but you can avoid these by simply sinking some time into your campsite. And it should come as no small surprise that Tom Nook himself runs the game's microtransaction shop—the raccoon, who previously managed your mortgage in other Animal Crossing games, is now after your real-world money.

LIAMODEARME: "I really love it; I would really encourage you to do it. And for those who are crying about the in-game currency situation, it's not a big deal. Just get over it!"

Questing with a level 30 camper

Yes, people have already spent a lot of time playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Your character maxes out at level 40, so you have quite an adventure ahead of you before you transform into The Camper Supreme.

EeveeEmmy: "This is the one we've been waiting for since the app opened up, because this is the amount of time that it's taken. Ooooh. It is beautiful."