Five Cool Waterproof Gadgets
Friends don't let friends lose their beloved electronics to water damage.

I was walking home one day with my MacBook in my backpack when gray clouds quickly turned dark, and a sudden downpour left me absolutely drenched. I ran up the apartment stairs, pulled out the laptop, and tried to dry it with a towel. I placed it open upside-down overnight, hoping it would be okay. It wasn’t. It lived a good life, but still, it died too soon. More and more we see manufacturers going the extra mile to make their products water resistant. After that experience with my MacBook, I’m willing to pay extra for gear that can handle a splash. Here are just a few of the growing number of water resistant gadgets that offer both good value and a good user experience.

Moderately Priced Phone with Top-Shelf Features

The LG G6 is a handsome metal-framed phone available in several soothing colors. At $462 for the 64GB unlocked model, it offers water resistance, a fast processor, and sharp display – features we associate with Android phones that cost quite a bit more.

A Watch That Would Make Inspector Gadget Jealous

Casio makes being a fitness nerd cool with their jam-packed Android smartwatch. Its form is bulky, and the orange bezel doesn’t really jive with my personal style. I was impressed by the rich feature set, however, which includes an altimeter, barometer, tide tracking, GPS, and a dual-layer screen that powers down when displaying only the time.

Gift for The Swimmer in Your Family

Swimming is a healthy, low-impact, lifelong sport, but going back and forth staring at a black line can get boring. Personal audio players that claim to work underwater are really hit-or-miss, and Bluetooth doesn’t penetrate water well, so you really need an on-board playlist. The Tayogo MP3 player is inexpensive and does just that. Our young YouTube creator put it to the test.

They Say It’s Waterproof – And It Really Is

Logitech’s K310 keyboard is both mechanical and waterproof. I don’t know how they do it, but the following demonstration by Unbox Therapy says it all. Lew doesn’t just sprinkle water on it ... I’ll leave it at that. Watch the results for yourself:

First Android Tablet Truly Competitive with Apple’s iPad

Sony got it right the first time with their Xperia Z4 tablet. Since the initial launch a few years ago, they’ve made the water-resistant device even faster and sharper, on-par with iPad Pro. Its bright 2K display does movies justice in all lighting situations. The latest version has LTE connectivity and crushes games and productivity apps with a quad-core snapdragon processor.

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