Five Tech Products That Are Smarter Than You
These practical tech toys are exceptionally smart, and they're designed to make your life just that much easier (without costing a fortune).

We love smart tech, because it means we have to think less about tasks that we'd rather not do—like cleaning the floor or figuring out the weekly grocery list. These practical tech toys are all exceptionally smart, and they're designed to make your life just that much easier (without costing a fortune).

Hoover React Knows Your Floor Better Than You

I doubt I'm the only one who gets annoyed whenever I have to switch my vacuum's brush height for carpet, hardwood, and tile. Hoover's React series of vacuums fixes that problem by automatically adjusting a vacuum's brush speed to fit the surface it's cleaning. It's not even easier to keep up with the messes your kids and pets make.

Misfit Vapor: Smartwatches with Style

When you hear the word "smartwatch," you probably picture the biggies: Apple Watch, Android Wear, or even the trusty Fitbit. You probably don't think of the fitness wearable brand Misfit, but this company has been making a big push into stylized, affordable smartwatches over the past year. The new $200 Misfit Vapor series packs the latest biometric tracking into a round body with a classic look—one of the best combinations of fashion and function that you can purchase today.

B&O A2 Speaker Balances High Function and Style

The A2 portable speaker by Bang and Olufsen delivers an incredible 24-hour battery life and lush, 360-degree sound, packed into a speaker that's roughly the size of a hardcover book. Its solid build quality, Bluetooth capabilities, and classy leather carrying strap will cost you, but it's incredible design is worth its $400 price.

GeniCan Roots Through Your Trash

The $125 GeniCan, a gadget born of an Indiegogo campaign, pays for itself over time by tracking what you throw away and reminding you to buy only what you need. Run the barcodes of products you've purchased past GeniCan as you discard them, and the device does the rest. You can even hit a button to give GeniCan specifics about what you're throwing away, in case you're tossing some used produce that you know you're going to need to rebuy. Clever!

Skybell HD Blocks the ol' Ding Dong Ditch

What's compelling about the Skybell HD is that it rings in at under $200—pun intended—and it offers free cloud storage for its video recordings, which begin whenever the smart doorbell senses nearby motion. Skybell integrates with your home’s Wi-Fi and lets you see visitors at the door via an app. It's a simple security upgrade, but an incredibly effective one.

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