Four Accessories to Kick Your Phone’s Camera Photography Into High Gear
Are you taking full advantage of your smartphone's camera?

With recent announcements by Google, Samsung, and Apple, competition among leading smartphone manufacturers is fierce. That’s good news for photography and filmmaking enthusiasts, because phone cameras can out-do some traditional digital cameras many times their size. If you’re anything like me, you want to get the most bang for your buck. These cool gadgets can help you do just that.

Lenses By Moment Greatly Expand Field of View

Moment’s lenses are made of real glass and metal and offer the same quality you’d expect from a DSLR. They do require a dedicated phone case to hold the lens in place, and that’s a little annoying, but in trade, you get a lens that is held solidly in just the right spot to take full advantage of your phone’s camera.

A Smartphone-Sized Gimbal?

DJI continues to out-do themselves with cool innovations in video accessories and drones. The Osmo Mobile is one of their latest toys. It is a baby version of the DSLR and movie camera-sized 3-axis gimbals that allow filmmaking buffs to get buttery-smooth motion shots. The only drawback is the $300 price tag – not an amount I’d shell out unless I was planning to shoot a lot of video with my phone.

‘Olloclip’ Competes on Ease of Use

If the family of individual lenses by Moment is not quite your style, this quirky camera add-on is a neat alternative. Olloclip 4-in-1 sets fit on top of your iPhone and allow you to quickly change between lenses. The biggest advantage for the Olloclip is the ability to change out fields of view faster because they’re all part of a single phone attachment. As an avid photographer, I would choose Moment, because Olloclip optical quality isn’t quite as good.

Everyone Needs a Little Support

The PolarPro line from OtterBox, a company best known for their super-rugged phone cases, has a nifty little tripod called Stance. Rightfully named, this little three-legged accessory can make a huge difference in vlogging and other situations where you need perfectly steady video and razor-sharp stills. It’s a great phone camera tripod with one major drawback: In order for it to work, you must also buy one of OtterBox’s uniVERSE case system cases. The head of PolarPro Stance has an arm that only fits uniVERSE, and from what I can tell, there is no way around that.

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