Gaming PC’s Under $1,000: What’s The Catch?

Just because you don’t have the latest custom Ryzen Threadripper build with a double set of liquid-cooled monster graphic cards doesn’t mean you have to sit on the Overwatch sidelines. You might not be able to play Project Cars or Assassin’s Creed Syndicate at their highest resolution and frame rate, but most games are designed to work on the average new system. There are a surprising number of desktop PCs that pack a good amount of power for their price, but looking to the most well-known brands is not usually where you’ll find them.

Ryzen 5 Power and Custom-Built Looks

The $750 Gamer Ultra desktop by CyberPowerPC has solid specs. Its side glass panel and RGB array give it a custom-built look – something you’ll be proud to display prominently. The Gamer Ultra comes standard with a Ryzen 5 processor and Radeon RX 580 graphics card. It only comes with 8GB of RAM out of the box, but it is easily upgradeable. Also, the fans are fairly loud at times, but for this price range, I can live with that.

Compact, Easy to Pack Up & Go

The $900 MSI Trident 3 is not much bigger than a PS4 console, and it packs a GTX 1060 graphics card – a powerful component usually found in machines over $1,000. Trident 3 offers the most power for the price out of the PCs I researched, and would be my first choice in this lineup.

Well-Rounded For Gaming & Productivity

The ASUS G11 desktop PC rings in at $1000. There are optional higher-cost versions of the G11, but this one has all you need for a solid gaming and reliable creative workflow. The base model comes with a GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card, 1TB hard drive, and a 256GB SSD. With plenty of USB and HDMI ports, it can support a full gaming setup without any compromises.

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