Google's new Pixelbook: slim, speedy, and on sale today
Google's Assistant makes its debut in the all-new Pixelbook, a fast, fanless Chromebook that you can now yell at—starting at $999.

Today is the first day you can get your hands on Google's new Pixelbook, an ultra-thin, 2-in-1 hybrid Chromebook. If the company's older Chromebook Pixel was an awkward teen, the Pixelbook is a fully-blossomed beauty, bringing an enriched feature set that appeals to students and creative professionals alike.

The Pixelbook's Perfect Form Factor

Unboxing the new Pixelbook is like opening a new Apple product. Everything about its minimalist design and no-nonsense extras makes you feel like you’ve invested in a reliable new friend. The ultrabook may appear a smidge small at first glance, but most looking for a super-portable laptop will appreciate its svelte setup: 11.4-by-8.7 inches in length and width, 0.4 inches thick, and a mere 2.4 pounds. 

More importantly, the Pixelbook is incredibly quiet to use, thanks to Intel Kaby Lake processors (offered in i5 and i7 configurations) that allow Google to deliver a fanless (!) Chromebook that can run for an estimated 10 hours on a single charge.

That's One Juiced-Up Chromebook

Depending on the configuration you select, the Pixelbook can set you back anywhere from $999 to $1,649, which is right within striking range of a host of Windows laptops and Apple Macbooks. The Pixelbook's core specs aren't shabby, though. For $999, you get an Intel Core i5, 8GB of memory, 128GB of solid-state storage, two USB-C fast-charging ports, and a 12.3-inch touchscreen display running a resolution of 2400x1600. 

It's disappointing that the Pixelbook doesn’t come with a Google Pen, which sets you back another $99. It's an essential accessory to get the most out of the Chromebook's touch-friendly display—one of its most outstanding features.

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