Nov 29, 2017

Avengers: Infinity War—did Marvel superfans thumbs-up Thanos?

By Kyle Foley

After months of waiting, the first official trailer for Avengers: Infinity War trailer is finally here. It's just as good as we hoped it would be—minus a few fun scenes that were pulled from the teaser trailer previously shown at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. 

Though we know our Deathstrike from our Deathstroke, we definitely don't live and breathe Marvel. For those who have replica Infinity Gauntlets sitting at their desks, here are some of the best Marvel superfan reactions to the new trailer—and wrinkly Thanos.

When production logos just get in the way

BeyondTheTrailer: "You're wasting the two and a half minutes. Let's go! Show me some stuff! I get it: Grandeur, grandeur, grandeur..."

22 minutes of A-grade Avengers analysis

John Campea: "First of all, I think this is the best trailer that Marvel has ever put out [...] and here's why—it's not just a slash-bang, just whole-bunch-of-visual-noise kind of trailer that we've seem Marvel films do, and some DC films do as well. There's subtlety in this trailer; there's drama in the trailer; there's slow pace in the trailer at times."

How many heroes is Disney willing to sacrifice?

AngryJoeShow: "Let me tell you what I want from this film. And I think from what I've seen here, I'm not going to get exactly what I wanted. Because what I want is something Disney would never do—I want them to kill all the [...] heroes. Everybody dies. I want it to be just like the actual Infinity War comic storyline."

Building The Avengers of Marvel fans

Why watch one reaction when you can watch 10 at once? Spoiler: Thanos sure knows how to make a dramatic entrance.