How to make your iPhone X transparent
You have two options: a sweet wallpaper of your iPhone X's guts or (carefully) scraping the vinyl off its glass back. Don't worry; we have videos for each.

How you customize your $1,000+ smartphone is your business, but having an awesome wallpaper or gorgeous case for your device is an easy way to earn lots of geek cred. We've recently seen two different techniques for making your iPhone X see-through, which range from "doable in a few minutes" to "better clear out your weekend." 

Pick your poison, iPhone fans.

Easy Mode: a beautiful transparent wallpaper

Not only does the crew over at iFixIt love to tear apart really expensive gadgets and show us what's inside, but they make incredible videos that can inspire those with broken devices to attempt to fix them single-handedly—for better or worse.

More importantly, iFixIt's disassembly wizards also take beautiful pictures of their projects and are more than happy to share some of their best shots with the world. Head on over to iFixIt's website, and you'll be able to grab two high-definition wallpapers for your iPhone X that give the illusion that your device is transparent.

"With these sweet wallpapers, you can basically pretend you’re looking straight through the screen and into the heart of your phone—like you have X-ray vision. And speaking of X-rays—this year, we have two internals options for you: a gorgeous, high-resolution image and an X-ray image of your iPhone X insides. By the way, the edge-to-edge display makes this set of wallpapers especially slick," writes iFixIt's Julia Bluff.

Hard mode: a clear glass back

Let's get the big warning out of the way. If you attempt this modification, you're voiding your warranty with Apple. And if you don't really know what you're doing, it's plausible you could do a little damage to your brand-new iPhone X. But if you pull it off correctly, your iPhone will be the envy of all.

Over at EverythingApplePro, Filip has a ten-minute-long video that shows you how to pop off the iPhone X's glass back, clean up the insides from all the leftover glue, separate the black vinyl from the glass, and pop that glass back into place.  Boom.  Transparent iPhone X.

This process sounds a lot easier than it is—and you're definitely going to want a good iPhone-themed toolkit before you start disassembling—but it's not an impossible feat for the technologically challenged.  Just... go slowly.  Very slowly.

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