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Safety comes first when behind the wheel, these HUDs will help

While the invention of the smartphone has revolutionized how we communicate and ingest information, the added distraction has made everyday tasks like driving even more dangerous. In efforts to decrease the distraction, third party heads up displays (HUDs) have been gaining popularity. Here we will take a look at the 3 HUDs at 3 drastically different price points.

New Kid on the Block

For those looking to jump into the HUD market without trying to break the bank, the Hudify offers all the benefits of much more expensive competitors at an unbelievably low price tag of only $40. Hudify is able to achieve this by capitalizing on the smartphone component. Utilizing only the flexible magnetic mount and translucent reflective screen, all of the display and power is sourced from your own phone paired with their sister App. This allows for a wide array of different displays to choose from, so you can tailor it to your liking. While the Hudify definitely lacks a lot of the premium features of some of the more expensive HUDs out there, its excellent use of the smartphone aspect means that it can be utilized in any vehicle with little to no effort.

The Garmin in the Middle

Not a new name to the GPS scene, Garmin has thrown their hat into the HUD game with their new car heads up display. The system uses a flexible base with articulating joint to mount the system to the dash of the vehicle. Much like the Hudify, you can install this in any vehicle as long as you can supply it with the 12v power source. It can be assembled with the included plastic screen, or a more permanent windshield display option. While the Garmin unit is backed by their legendary GPS system, the Monochromatic LED display along with rudimentary turn by turn navigation leave much to be desired. When you factor in that the Garmin is also the least aesthetically pleasing of the three displays on this list, the $149 price tag just seems a little out of place. If that wasn’t enough to push you to the dark side, you will also need to purchase the $59 proprietary app in order to even use the 1998 Casio Calculator level graphic display. So while it is a solid HUD Nav system, The price tag will make you want to force choke someone.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Touting an impressive bag of tricks for a little device, the Navdy has redefined what the heads up display could be. With features like motion gesture and voice recognition, as well as smartphone integration that allows you to answer calls, view texts, and even use SIri directly on the display. The Navdy also comes with a click wheel selector that mounts to your steering wheel so you never have to take your hands off the wheel. All great things come at a cost though and nothing is different here. Coming in at $499, the Navdy is an expensive investment. With GPS apps readily available on smartphones, the Navdy is targeting a specific niche.

Whether you’re just looking to add a cool new gadget to the car or you drive for a living, any of these displays would be a great way to maximize your driving experience. Just remember to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road!

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