Nov 29, 2017

Go ahead, ask Jim Beam's 'Smart' decanter for a shot

By Kyle Foley

If you ever thought "gee, my ultimate man cave could really use a decanter that pours whiskey whenever I yell at it", then Jim Beam has your smart-home solution. The "JIM" is as absurd as it is useful, and it's worth keeping your eye on, as supplies appear limited. (Either this is just a marketing stunt, or the concept of a booze-pouring smart device is just too popular to pass up.)

For $35, the JIM "offers groundbreaking shot-pouring functionality that allows legal drinking age consumers to serve up a drink without lifting a finger," Jim Beam's website describes. But you better get your drink orders in fast, as the device's 3G connectivity—no Wi-Fi—only works for six months. After that, the smart shot-pourer turns into a boring ol' decanter that won't be able to strike up a party on command. What a buzzkill.