Saying Goodbye to Microsoft's Kinect
We reminisce on our favorite motion-tracking moments.

Despite all of the promise and potential, Microsoft's Kinect turned out to be little more than a gimmick. The writing was on the wall when Microsoft's to-be-launched Xbox One X console appeared without an official Kinect port, and the final nail came yesterday, when Microsoft officially confirmed the motion sensor's end. Though we're a little sad, we still have fond memories of our time with the Kinect. Here's a look at some of the best games the Kinect had to offer:


Skyrim is one of the best role-playing games we've seen over the past decade, and it was even more fun to play when we could scream Dragonborn shouts at a Kinect to activate in-game powers. Dorky? Yes. Super-fun? Yes.

Just Dance

Though not for everyone—especially if you lack rhythm—Just Dance is one of the best titles for showing off the Kinect's motion-tracking features. It's so fun to play, that publisher Ubisoft is even planning to support both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One in the game's 2018 version. Talk about dedication to the Kinect.


In my opinion, Wipeout is the best Kinect game you can buy. While that might not say much about the Kinect lineup, it's a super-fun game to play with friends and family—especially when you watch them take a hit from a giant, foam object and go flying off the course into the water. You lose. Good day, sir.

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