Oct 23, 2017

Top 5 Wireless Chargers This Fall

By Kirk Klocke

Apple is set to launch their “Air Power” multi-device wireless charger in 2018, but iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X owners don’t have to wait that long to tap into the convenience of wireless charging. “Qi” is an established smartphone industry standard in wireless charging, so several third-party manufacturers have released their own take on Qi. Functionally, they’re all the same, but their appearance ranges from what looks like a pet rock all the way to a wooden lamp table.

Looks Like … A Wooden Coaster?

The WoodPuck by Fone Salesman, at only $20, is among the most affordable and classiest looking Qi wireless chargers available. WoodPuck’s shell is 100-percent bamboo, and the USB cable matches it in color.

This Pet Rock Is Full of Energy

The Qi Stone has a semi-course, no-slip surface meant to stay in place, and it is both a power bank and a wireless charger. It also can be charged by another Qi charger, so you never have to plug it in. At $50, this clever “rock” is one of my favorite wireless charging devices.

Charging Hub for a Busy Home

The Qi-Infinity is a multipurpose wireless charger for both wireless and wired charging needs. It works as a power base station, with several USB ports and a Qi surface on top. This $45 device is perfect if you have several power-hungry tablets and smartphones that need to fuel up at the same time.

Samsung Quality Works with All Qi-enabled Devices

Samsung’s Fast Charge wireless charger is elegant, thin, and simple. Though it is marketed as an accessory for Samsung Note 8 and Galaxy S8, it works well with the new iPhones and any other Qi-enabled product. At only $30, this Qi charger is one of my favorites because it boasts higher amp output, allowing it to work well with larger tablets.

Lamp Table With A Hidden Qi Charger

FurniQi, a lamp table by Fone Salesman, has an embedded Qi charging pad. You wouldn’t notice at first glance, so this simple wooden table will fit into any living room nicely without adding the clutter of another electronic gadget. The only drawback of FurniQi is the cost - $199 plus shipping. While it might be expensive, it will make a nice conversation piece when you surprise guests with a nice place to rest and charge their phone.