New Games Every Nintendo Switch Owner Needs To Play

It’s always hard to find new games to play on a new console, but Nintendo has been rolling out a steady stream of excellent indie games on the Switch to fill the gap left by a lack of AAA releases. While Super Mario Odyssey may be coming out soon, here are some indie games on the Switch everyone absolutely needs to play.

Golf Story

If you’ve ever thought “I really wish there was a retro-looking golf RPG for me to play”, you’re in luck. Golf Story flew under my radar until it came out, but now that I’ve played it I am finding it almost impossible to put down.

Stardew Valley

While the game itself may not be new, the ability to play on the go is a MUST for fans of the quaint little farming game. I never really got into Stardew Valley before, but I already have it downloaded on my Switch for the next time I have a long flight and need something to help pass the time.

Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge is another one of those games that I honestly knew nothing about until I met the publisher at PAX earlier this year, and boy was I disappointed it took so long for me to hear about this. The game originally released in 2015 but just arrived on the Switch eShop this week. Seriously, you need to play this game.

Steamworld Dig 2

I have to admit that this is the only game on the list I’ve never had the chance to play, but there is not a single person I know who has played it that doesn’t give it a glowing recommendation. The art style looks absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to finally dive into it.

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