New Releases: Doom (Nintendo Switch)
We never thought we'd say this, but you can now play this gleefully gory first-person-shooter on the Nintendo Switch—uncensored.

Time to go knee-deep in the dead on your Nintendo Switch. The 2016 reboot of the classic first-person shooter Doom comes out today for Nintendo's console. We never thought we'd see an uncensored game from this ultra-violent franchise grace one of Nintendo's traditionally family-friendly consoles, but we're thrilled Nintendo is relaxing its stance on the Switch

Arlo: "Here we are now. The game is on the Switch, and I'm here to tell you that if there's one shooter out there that can appeal to a Nintendo fan that's not big on shooters, Doom is it."

Doom players have been shooting imps, punching lost souls, and avoiding cyberdemons on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC since May of last year. Though Microsoft's and Sony's consoles are graphically superior to the Switch, don't let that deter you from taking a brief break from Mario and Link. Doom holds up decently well on Nintendo's console, though you'll definitely have fuzzier gameplay, sharper edges, and less detail at distances—if you can take a few moments from your run-and-gun gameplay to admire the Martian scenery. Or, you know, Hell.

According to a representative from publisher Bethesda Softworks, speaking to Rolling Stone: "The game and rendering technology underlying Doom is extremely scalable. In bringing Doom to Switch, we targeted outstanding visuals at a solid 30 fps and by maintaining a consistent 30 fps, the experience remains consistently fluid and smooth. We’ve been thrilled with the feedback that Doom is among the very best looking and performing games on Switch."

If you buy Doom, be sure to hit up Nintendo's eShop to grab the free (9GB!) multiplayer update—a result of Bethesda's decision to stuff the game's essentials on a 16GB cartridge.  You won't find an add-on for Doom's SnapMap feature, however, which means that Nintendo Switch gamers are unable to create custom Doom levels for others to play. 

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