Oct 20, 2017

Adobe Launches Updated Mobile Version of Lightroom CC

By Kirk Klocke

Photo and video professionals used to scoff at the idea they might someday create quality work on mobile devices, but advances in mobile tech, including faster processors and finer-detailed touch screens, and devices like the “Apple Pencil” are game changers for creative software developers. It took some time after Adobe first rolled out their Creative Cloud family of desktop apps for them to release mobile versions, but it was well worth the wait.

“Light” Version of Lightroom CC Mobile Features Closer to Desktop App Than Ever

I just about did a backflip when I found that Adobe now has a mobile version of the powerful photo editor. Lightroom CC Mobile is a hybrid of the full professional desktop editing app and a more consumer-friendly photo app like Instagram. The mobile app replaces pro jargon like gamma and unsharp mask with the easily understandable metaphors “whites,” “blacks,” and “clarity,” making it intuitive and simple for everyone.

Faster Way to Create Composite Images

There are many apps available to adjust photos and make collages, but nothing I’ve found brings as much pro quality and versatility to mobile platforms as Adobe’s “Photoshop Mix” mobile app. Rather than create layers and painstakingly cut and paste using a flaky lasso tool, Photoshop Mix intelligently lets you select and isolate parts of photos and combine them on a canvas with the swipe of a finger or Apple Pencil.

Powerful Video Editing On the Go

My experience with mobile video editors has been hit or miss. Apps, especially free ones, either work painfully slow or frequently crash. Now that I have an iPhone 8 Plus with its powerful A11 “Bionic” processor and Adobe’s mobile version of Premiere Pro CC, called Clip, editing on the go is a breeze. This app is not a solution for serious editors and filmmakers, but if you need to quickly assemble a YouTube or Vimeo video, Clip will do just fine.

All editing on Adobe’s mobile CC apps is non-destructive, meaning no matter what you do, your original files are left untouched. Files are automatically backed up to your cloud storage, making it easy to bring them into the desktop CC apps. The only drawback for the average consumer is the ongoing cost. To get access to these apps, you must subscribe to one of Adobe’s Creative Cloud plans. They range in price from $10 per month for Photoshop only to $80 per month for access to the entire suite plus a license to use their vast repository of stock content.