Unboxed: Razer's New Gaming Phone
The display on the brand-new Razer Phone runs at 120Hz for silky-smooth gameplay, just like the iPad Pro!

When you say the word "Razer" to gamers, they can probably name most of the company's primary product categories offhand: gaming mice, light-up keyboards, thumping headphones—even laptops. You can now add smartphones to the list, and we have some first looks at the company's just-announced Razer Phone.

Say hello to the Razer Phone

At first glance, Razer's 5.6-inch smartphone doesn't appear very special. It has fat bezels and, like a number of its peers, lacks a headphone jack. Boo. But Razer isn't trying to sell smartphones on looks. The inside of the Razer Phone offers a speedy Snapdragon 835 processor, 8GB of memory, 64GB of storage, and a 4000 mAH battery. 

The phone's bezels house its large, front-facing speakers that allegedly support Dolby Atmos (virtualized, of course). Even more noteworthy, the smartphone's 1440x2560 IZGO display runs at 120Hz for fast, fluid motion—just like the iPad Pro, and the first such display we've seen in a smartphone. 

We could go on and on about the Razer Phone's killer specs—including the company's decision to put the device's fingerprint reader on its side power button—but you probably want to see it in action before you ponder a purchase. Razer is currently accepting preorders for the Razer Phone, which launches on November 17 for $699.

Austin Evans: exclusive unboxing at Razer HQ

"I think it's actually pretty safe to say this is probably one of the loudest phones I've ever heard."

UrAvgConsumer: 120hz is really, really smoooth

"...Razer is working closely with game developers to bring games that are optimized for this phone and it's 2K display. One of those titles is actually Final Fantasy XV, and if you know me, you know I'm pretty hype about that. And if everything goes according to Razer's plan, we'll be playing some awesome games at 2K, with frame rates up to 120FPS, with a great sound experience to follow."

SuperSaf TV: pretty premium price tag, pretty premium phone

"It does resemble the Nextbit Robin quite a bit..."

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