Ring Takes on Nest
Which is the smarter choice?

On September 20th, the Nest Secure was launched. This multi-component smart home security system seemed like it was set to dominate the world of home security and it did...for a week and a half. On October 2, Ring announced the release of the Ring Protect, which quickly garnered a lot of comparisons with the Nest Secure (both Nest’s and Ring’s respective security packages won’t be released until November but are available for pre-order now). I decided to take a look at both Nest’s and Ring’s security systems and see how they stack up against one another.

What is the Nest Secure?

Nest is marketing their Secure security system as being “as easy as installing a new wi-fi router”. Nest claims that it’ll take only 30 minutes to set up and have a fully-functioning system throughout your property. The package includes the Nest Guard (a base with an alarm, keypad, and a motion sensor), the Nest Detect (a sensor that can detect movement, as well as when a door or window is opened or closed), and the Nest Tag (a fob that can turn on-off your system remotely and without a passcode).

Ring Protect: a Fully Customizable System

Ring is probably best known for their doorbell security camera (Ring Video Doorbell), which it first released in 2012. The new Ring Protect is a fully customizable system. Apparently (according to Ring’s Twitter account) it has already been used to catch somebody breaking into a customer’s storage unit.

Ring Protect: the Lowdown

The Ring Protect is pretty similar to the Nest Secure. It comes with a base station (which includes a 104 db siren), a keypad (for the arming/disarming codes), a motion detector, and a range extender (which goes up to 250 feet). Not only that, but the Ring Protect also has a battery backup, so if the power goes out your system should still function without a hitch! The nice thing about the Protect is that you can integrate other Ring products (such as the Ring Video Doorbell if you already have one or plan on getting one) into your Protect system as well.

It All Comes Down to Money

Ring pulled a pretty clever move, announcing the release of the Protect twelve days after the Nest Secure. Why was this a smart decision? Because the Ring system package is being listed at $300 less than the competing Nest system ($199 vs. $499, respectively). The Secure only offers 1 more sensor and 2 key fob-style alarms than the Protect. Not only is Ring’s package significantly cheaper, but it offers a $10/month and $100/year 24/7 monitoring service as well as free Cloud video storage. In other words, Protect gives you more bang for your buck.

Are you excited for the Nest Secure or the Ring Protect? Have you pre-ordered either product? If so, which did you order and why? Let us know @GetUnboxed on Twitter!

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