How HardwareCanucks Shot an Ad for the Cooler Master H500P
It takes a long time to make a computer case look good.

Spoiler: It takes a long time to shoot advertisements, especially if you're just one person tasked with showing off the lovely, see-through look of Cooler Master's H500P case. That's exactly the predicament HardwareCanucks' Dmitry Novoselov found himself in this weekend, and he decided to shoot a behind-the-scenes video of just how much effort goes into being a one-person production studio for a major case-maker. 

 The case itself is gorgeous—no additional description needed there. If you're big into system-building, you'll appreciate the H500P's customizable RGB lighting and tempered-glass panels, as well as the many, many other features Cooler Master includes to help you build a PC that's as pretty as it is powerful. And these features should be pretty familiar to Novoselov, because he had to build his own system in the chassis in order to shoot an effective ad. (We never said producing videos was easy!)

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