Smart Choices for Smart Wallets
These wallets are designed to keep your cards, money, and valuables safe, in the smartest way possible

You leave [insert place name here], get into your car or walk a couple of blocks, and then realize that you’re wallet isn’t in your pocket! You start to panic. Where could it be? What should you do? We’ve all been there before, but having a smart wallet could help you prevent that from ever happening again.


The Voyager Smart Wallet may be a little bit larger than a normal wallet, but it’s absolutely worth it. Not only is this Bluetooth-capable wallet roomy enough to fit all your credit cards and cash, but it also has compartments to carry your passport, boarding passes, and a pen (it actually comes with a pen!), making it an ideal choice for those who are frequent travelers...or should I say, voyagers?


The Walli Smart Wallet app can not only be used to notify you of where your wallet is, but it can also be used to notify you of where your phone is. If you are looking for your phone (and it is nearby, but maybe in your jacket on the back of your chair, let’s say) you can press your Walli Smart Wallet twice and it will cause your phone to beep until you find it. It’s very useful for keeping track of what’s important.


The Volterman Smart Wallet might just be the smartest wallet there is. With its camera (that connects to your phone), built-in GPS and phone charger, WIFI hotspot, and RFID blocker, the Volterman is more like a smartphone than any wallet I’ve ever heard of. I have a feeling that, when the Volterman is released in February 2018, it will catch on quickly and change wallets forever.


The Woolet app will tell you when you’re too far from your phone, so as long as you have your phone on you, you’ll never leave your wallet behind again. If you can’t remember where you left your wallet, the Woolet app will notify you where your wallet was when it last connected to your phone. This is definitely a great wallet for those of us who are a little bit You know who you are.

What would you like to see in a smart wallet? A combination lock? Retina or fingerprint scanners? Something that tells you how much money you have on your credit card? A can opener? Let us know at @GetUnboxed on Twitter.

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