Steven Universe: Save the Light (PS4, Xbox One)
🎵 We are the Crystal Gems / we'll always save the day! Too bad our game is bugged / and not so fun to play. 🎵

Go ahead. Sing the song. You know you want to sing the song. We'll wait.

The latest game centered on Cartoon Network's animated hit is now available for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The role-playing game Steven Universe: Save the Light is a sequel to the 2015 mobile title Steven Universe: Attack the Light, available for both Android and iOS. In both games, you're tasked with the simple job of saving the world—a pretty common occurrence across the animated show's five seasons.

As Kotaku describes, developer Grumpyface Studios' game "is a perfect recreation and extension of the show’s world, right down to the UI." That includes the exact same voice actors who lend their talents to the animated show and authentic recreations of the diverse, mystical locations found in Steven Universe's... er... universe. Specific character animations do a great job of bringing out the personality of Steven; his superhero allies, the Crystal Gems; and the game's other inhabitants, including its (appropriately named) antagonist, Hessonite. If you love the cartoon, you'll love this game. Maybe.

According to Kotaku, Steven Universe: Attack the Light also suffers from a variety of technical issues that make playing it a challenge—one that not even a cheeseburger backpack can save. Though we're hopeful that Grumpyface Studios has some tweaks in the works to kill the game's reported bugs, you may be able to save yourself some hassle by checking out a livestream (or two) before you buy.

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