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Stream Super Mario Odyssey Today!
If you can't wait until tomorrow to play Nintendo's latest Mario title, check out some early, spoiler-filled streams!

It's a-me, a new Mario game. The first reviews have officially dropped for Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo's latest flagship title for the Nintendo Switch. Once again, the mustachioed plumber has secured a hit, as the game has an eye-opening Metacritic score of 97 (from 65 different reviews) as of this article's writing. 

Though you won't be able to leap your way around around all sorts of diverse worlds until tomorrow, when Super Mario Odyssey officially launches, a number of reviewers and streamers have managed to get their hands on the game a little early. 

If you don't like spoilers, stop reading right now—after you preorder the game, of course. But if you can't wait until tomorrow to check out Mario's latest adventure, or if you want to learn some tips for navigating the new Cap Kingdom, check out a few of our favorite Super Mario Odyssey streams:




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