Nov 20, 2017

When Android superfans jump ship

By Kyle Foley

Switching to a rival smartphone platform isn't tricky. Whether you're going from iOS to Android or Android to iOS, both Apple and Google offer easy ways to jump ship. But setting up email is one thing; what does the full experience of moving to another mobile operating system feel like? 

If you're an Android user considering the big change, see how a few superfans were (or weren't) able to cope with their new lives inside Apple's playground—and what you should put on your checklist to ensure a successful swap from Android to iOS.

A six-year Android veteran's brand-new iPhone X

Alex, otherwise known as Redskull, has been a die-hard Android user for the past six years. And what better way to test his loyalty to his favorite platform then with Apple's flagship smartphone, the iPhone X. He found himself mostly loving FaceID—save for when he was wearing his stunna shades—and appreciating just how easy it was to send photos to his Mac with AirDrop. As for the iPhone's keyboard, though...

Redskull: "The phone feels so left behind for certain things, and I wish those would change because I could see myself using an iPhone again."

Tracking the trade-offs of moving from Android to iOS

One of the biggest reason Android users don't want to leave their preferred platform is because they don't want to lose Android's comprehensive customization. To Apple's credit, locking down iOS means that users are less likely to brick their devices or impact their performance with too many extras, but it can be a bit jarring for Android superfans—like kat4K—who now now have have fewer options to pick.

kat4K: "You can pretty much change the wallpaper on your Home Screen and your Lock Screen. And that's it. Nothing else. Nothing more. No other colors, and fancy transitions, and anything!"

Following your favorite apps from Android to iOS

Sometimes, one horrible experience with your favorite app—or the fact that you can't use a platform-specific app on your rival device—is enough to get you to jump ship. If you're big into social media, like Taiga Fukuyama, unfollowing Android and friend-requesting iOS could give you the social experience you're looking for.

Taiga: "Snapchat on Android sucks. It really sucks. The app is always glitching out, it's laggy, the camera quality is absolute garbage."

Moving from Android to iOS: the complete guide

There's plenty you have to consider when moving from one smartphone platform to another, including (but not limited to): How will you sync your data? How do you transfer your two-factor authentications? How do you restore your old phone's photos and videos? What happens to your text messages? Your saved voicemails? Your music?

Instead of wasting time making this big checklist for yourself, check out Beebom's helpful (and thorough) guide for switching from Android to iOS.