Nov 17, 2017

Tesla Roadster: what it's like to go 0–60 in under two seconds

By Unboxed

Everyone expected a semi last night; what they got was a bullet.  And a semi.

Tesla unveiled its new, all-electric truck at an event in Hawthorne, California, which would be certainly deserving of all the headlines had the company not also surprised attendees by driving a brand-new 2020 Tesla Roadster out of said truck. The car, an updated version of Tesla's very first design, is the world's first production vehicle that can hit 60 miles-per-hour in under two seconds and cover a quarter-mile in fewer than ten. 

Blink, and you'll miss what this looks like in person.

Now You Know: "I cannot tell you what just happened. It... the power.  The speed.  We went zero to 74 in under two seconds. It was... I... there's no... there's no words for it."

Even if you've had a chance to experience Ludicrous mode on one of Tesla's Model S or Model X vehicles, the new Roadster provides a noticeable bump in speed. We'll leave it to the car fans to determine whether Tesla's speedy new car is worth its cost—a $200,000 base price, which is quite a bit higher than even the most tricked-out Model S you can buy right now, the $140,000 P100D.

DragTimes: "This is no joke guys. This car is crazy.  Oh my god."

If you're feeling more Chill about Tesla than Ludicrous, or would like to learn a bit more about the technology behind Tesla' gigantic, bullet-shaped semi truck, iGadgetPro has condensed Tesla's half-hour presentation into a seven-minute highlight reel.