The Past and Future of the Google Pixel
Google is about to shake up the world of smartphones... Here's what you need to know.

Google is scheduled to launch their Google Pixel 2 on October 4, which means rumors and leaks have been surrounding this heavily anticipated smartphone for weeks. Due to all the excitement, we thought it might be fun to step back and explore the history of Google’s phones...and take a look at what to expect in the not-too-distant future.

Does Anybody Here Remember The Nexus?

Google’s first foray into the world of smartphones came in 2010 with the Nexus One, which ran on an Android OS. Last fall Google introduced the Google Pixel, which, unlike the Nexus, runs entirely on Google software and hardware.

The Google Pixel 1: The Best Smartphone Ever?

When the Pixel was released, comparisons to the then-recent iPhone 7 seemed natural, considering the competitive relationship between Apple and Google. A lot of the focus was on the Pixel’s 12.3 megapixel camera, which was promoted as “the best” smartphone camera yet. Other exciting features of the Pixel were its accessibility and user-friendliness, with Google including 24/7 phone and chat tech support with screen-sharing available, and the Google Assistant feature, which was billed as being smarter than Siri.

Google Vs. Apple: Clash Of The Titans

Despite these exciting capabilities, many still felt that the iPhone was a better product due to its hardware, water and dust resistance, speakers, and the fact that the camera on the iPhone had better zoom-in capabilities. But others lauded the Google Pixel’s long battery life, quick charging ability, and the superiority of Google Assistant.

What's All This I Hear About The Google Pixel 2???

Google is actually scheduled to release two new phones: the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL. Not only will the 2XL be larger, but the screen will be more like a Galaxy 8’s (i.e. it will entirely cover the face and have a curved display). The 2, however, is expected to have a flat screen, similar to Pixel 1’s. Interestingly, HTC is designing the 2 and LG is designing the 2 XL. This is an unconventional move, and suggests to me that Google is trying to differentiate their products...even from one another.

Google Pixel 2: The Future Of Smartphones

So what else do we know about the 2 and 2XL? Well, while some information has leaked, there is still a lot of hearsay. It seems that Google is trying to tackle all the problems that critics of the Pixel 1 pointed out. Probably most exciting is that there is a high likelihood that Google is planning on improving Google Assistant. Google seems hell-bent on making Google Assistant as close to AI as possible at this time. And that will be huge.

Do you have a Google Pixel? What are you most excited about for the Pixel 2? Do you think Google will replace Apple as the preeminent smartphone designer? Let us know your thoughts and opinions on Twitter @GetUnboxed!

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