The Ultimate iPhone X Preorder Guide
It’s that time again! Get ready to stay up late and lock in your preorder for the iPhone X.

It’s That Time Again!

Ready to stay up late and lock in your preorder for the iPhone X? Preorders for this shiny, hot new gadget—Apple’s revolutionary “all-screen” iPhone—kicks off on October 27th, and securing one is going to be a virtual bloodbath. Demand is expected to be greater than a typical Apple product launch; worse, for you, is supplies of the iPhone X are expected to be low, very low. According to the most reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will only have somewhere between 2-3 million iPhone X’s at launch. Split across 29 countries, that’s not nearly enough for everyone who wants one.

Get Excited!

Meet iPhone X

Why You Should Trust Me

My name is Larry, and I work at I’m a diehard Apple fanboy who has been able to score every flagship iPhone on launch day for 10 years running. That list includes the extremely limited gold iPhone 5S (only five units per Apple retail store!) and the Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus — the 🦄 of recent Apple devices. Follow my lead, and you (may) be able to get your hands on a brand-new iPhone X at launch.

Set Your Alarm

The first tip is an easy one. Set your alarm! Preorders for the iPhone X start on October 27th at 12:01am. (PDT). Put that on your calendar right now and remember, it’s super-late Thursday night (technically, Friday morning). Try to preorder an iPhone X on Friday night and you’ll be waiting a long, long time for your new device.

When Preorders Go Live

Once the clock strikes 12:01am, it’s time for the iPhone Thunderdome. Here are a few tips that may help you beat the hundreds of thousands of others all trying to purchase an iPhone X faster than you. Remember, every second counts!

Right Now: Add your favorite iPhone X as a favorite

You won’t be able to add an iPhone X to your online cart just yet, but you can log into the Apple Store and favorite your preferred device so you can skip picking a carrier, color, and capacity later. Favorite them now, because the entire Apple Store will go offline Thursday evening and you won’t have another chance before store opens again at midnight.

Right Now: Go find your carrier information

When you go to check out on launch night, your current mobile carrier will likely ask for your phone number, zip code, and the last four digits of the primary account holder’s social security number. You can bypass this process and save yourself a little time if you “buy” an iPhone 8 today.

Fire up the Apple Store app and add an iPhone 8 to your cart—any model. Go through the purchasing process, enter your carrier information, and make sure you toggle the “Remember Me” setting on your Account Settings page. When you do, you won’t have to reenter this information when buying your iPhone X. (And remember to remove the iPhone 8 from the cart so you aren’t buying two new phones instead of one.)

Right Now: Set Up Apple Pay

By the time you’ve entered your credit card information at checkout, the iPhone X will be sold out. Instead, set up Apple Pay so you can complete your transaction with the press of your finger. (And make sure your Apple Pay shipping address is correct, lest your neighbor gets your new device instead of you.)

Right Now: Prepare Your Carrier (and Credit Cards)

The iPhone X is the most expensive mobile device Apple has ever launched. Make sure you will have enough credit or balance on your payment card so your transaction doesn’t get denied. Most carriers will not let you pass the activation step if you have any past due payments on your account, so make sure you have them paid off. Also, make sure your carrier’s billing address matches your shipping address for the iPhone X. (Sometimes, Apple will only ship a device to the address on your phone bill.) If you’re on your parents’ or friends’ cell phone plan, ask them to update the address on your behalf—unless you’re helping them buy an iPhone X.

Launch Night: Use the Apple Store App

I’ve found the Apple Store app loads earlier and faster than the website. (You can increase your chances by having both open at the same time — and enlist some friends to help too!)

Launch Night: You Might Want to Buy from a Different Carrier

If you’re on AT&T or Google Fi, you can speed up the checkout process even further by picking T-mobile as your carrier. T-mobile is the only carrier in the US that does not require a phone number verification during checkout. In other words, faster checkout and less chance for the process to fail. To learn more, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Post-Launch Plans

If you are lucky enough to buy an iPhone X, or feel really confident about your chances, here are some must-have accessories you can get today on Unboxed App.

Get Wireless Charging

Your new iPhone will be equipped with wireless charging capability, but a charger won’t come in the box. Get one of these:

Get a Case

Protect your new iPhone X with this awesome Spigen case.

Take Better Photos

Fully utilize the amazing camera built in iPhone X with Moments V2 lenses.

Stay Healthy

Apple Watch Series 3 is the ultimate device for a healthy life. Why not get one that matches your new iPhone?

Don’t forget to let us know your success stories by tweeting at us @GetUnboxed. We wish you the best luck!

BONUS: More to Consider Than Just Color and Capacity

This year, there will be three different models of each iPhone X: A1865, A1901, and A1902. For those who live in the US, we will look at the first 2 models, as A1902 is a Japanese market specific model with a mandatory camera shutter sound. We don’t want that. Model A1865, sold to Verizon and Sprint customers, is considered the global phone that supports both GSM and CDMA networks. Translated into human language, you can use it on all US carriers. When Apple starts selling the unlocked “SIM-Free” version at a later date, it will be this model, A1865. Highly desirable. Model A1901, sold to AT&T and T-mobile customers, is the GSM only model. It lacks CDMA support, and probably comes with an Intel built modem (as opposed to the “better” Qualcomm modem). Who can get model A1865? Unfortunately, only Verizon and Sprint customers can get the GSM+CDMA iPhone X on the first day. If you are thinking of getting model A1865 and aren't a Verizon or Sprint customer, think again. Carrier verification is mandatory before even adding the phone to your cart. Lucky you, Verizon and Sprint customers! Which model should I get if I want to resale the iPhone X? Well, first of all, shame on you for trying to make a quick buck. With that out of the way, you should get the T-mobile version and pay in full. T-mobile is the only carrier that does not require a carrier verification before check out. So anyone can buy the T-mobile iPhone X. It’s the next best thing to the official “SIM-Free” version, which won’t be available for some time.


If your carrier is Verizon or Sprint: buy as many of these as you can on your own network, these will be the most coveted iPhones. If your carrier is AT&T: skip carrier verification and choose the T-mobile pay-in-full option for the quickest check-out time. If your carrier is T-mobile, Google Fi, or if you want to resale: also choose T-mobile, that’s your only option.

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