Unboxed: The Xbox One X
Get excited. It's time for some hands-on impressions of Microsoft's brand-new gaming console—drool bib not included.

Most of us are still about a week and a half away from being able to play with Microsoft's latest gaming console, the Xbox One X. The anticipation is palpable—especially for those who have a brand-new 4K TV and want to do more with it than just stream Chef's Table on Netflix. (No shame; we love it.) 

And if you haven't been drooling over the specs sheet for the Xbox One X on a daily basis, we understand. Let's get you back in the loop, courtesy of TechRadar's early impressions of the console: "The games that have been previewed on the machine already look absolutely stunning, with a fantastic level of detail accentuated by the console's HDR support. The jury is still out on whether the console will be able to justify its lavish price tag but, for now, you should be very excited about the future of native 4K HDR gaming in the living room." Now, let's open one up!

Hands-On with the Xbox One X

A number of lucky streamers have received their consoles early, and they've already published their unboxing experiences on YouTube. We've pulled in a few of our favorite videos below so you can get a sense of every little detail of the Xbox One X experience—and early impressions of the console from the experts who are about to spend way, way too much time playing it.

UrAvgConsumer Marvels at a Huge Manual

Jenna Ezarik Double-Unboxes

Lamarr Wilson Screams, and Screams, and Screams

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