Nov 13, 2017

Our favorite iPhone X unboxer reactions

By Kirk Klocke

Big Bang Theory characters Raj and Howard hit on a universal human experience five years ago when Raj brought home his new iPhone 4s: Peeling the protective plastic off a brand new phone is sheer bliss.

Since the iPhone X is a revolutionary design for Apple, unboxers seemed especially excited for two things: getting their hands on one—trickier to do on launch day—and cracking one open for all to see. The months-long warm up to the ultimate Apple-gasm finally arrived, unleashing what some critics and enthusiasts believe is the best smartphone ever.  

Here are our favorite reactions to Apple's latest smartphone. (Get your earplugs ready.)

Its JoJo Siwa: "This is a PRETTY BIG DAY"

Ah, to be young again. To have that excitement and joy over life — and to have family members willing to wait in line for a brand-new smartphone (first in line, no less) so you can film an unboxing video that easily pushes past one million views. Youth may be fleeting, but YouTube is forever.

Also, did we mention that JoJo Siwa was really, really excited for an iPhone X?

Lamarr Wilson: Unboxing iPhone X is 'Sensual'

Sure, one of our most lovable YouTube creators Lamarr Wilson gets excited by just about everything, but Wilson takes it to a whole new level in his unboxing of the iPhone X. (His treatment of the sacred plastic peeling would have made Raj and Howard proud.)

Lamarr Wilson: "Oh, hello. What's your name?  It's ten?  OK, I should call you ten?  Sorry."

Matthias: "iPhone X, my dude!" Coworker: "Gimme."

When tech guru and YouTube creator Matthius subjects the iPhone X to a simple "is it dope or is it nope” test, his coworkers agree: the iPhone X is totally dope. There's just one exception, though; the iPhone X is smooth enough to be a fingerprint magnet. After just a few seconds of handling, it’s covered in enough prints to be noticeable on camera.

Matthias' coworker: "You need to read your emails. Nine thousand emails?!"

Matthias: "Why is that the thing everyone mentions?"

Ali-A makes the tough choices: Call of Duty vs. iPhone X

British YouTube star Alastair “MoreAliA” Aiken was shocked to discover that the iPhone X is smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus. (And we're a little shocked that he's just now learning this fact.) To be fair to the X, its display is almost the same size as what you'd find on the iPhone 8 Plus because of the smartphone's almost-bezel-free design. 

MoreAliA: "No one told me the phone was smaller! What? I did not know this. What? Do I want a smaller phone?"

Best. (Former.) Roommate. Ever.

Note to past self: Be a better roommate. Do the dishes. Take out the trash. Someday, you will be rewarded for your efforts with a brand-new smartphone that's really hard to get.

ThatcherJoeVlogs' old roommate, with his eyes closed: "You're probably giving me something nice so you can get a ton of views on YouTube. Is that what's happening here?