The Best Smart Lighting of 2017

So why Smart Lighting?

Whether you agree or disagree, lighting changes everything. From the moment you walk into a club, the low light setting makes it easier to talk with friends. Or bright lights to make sure you wake up in the morning. There are a few smart solutions for you depending on what it is you are looking for. Just to start with, Smart bulbs use what is called (LEDs) light-emitting diodes which make the entry cost more expensive versus your generic purchase at grocery story lightbulb. The perks though is you get to use Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT and Nest and from their your lighting is at the command of you. As there is a world of choices what is great to bare in mind is you don't need to walk to the switch and turn off the lights manually, anymore. Smart bulb gives you the control, from either a HUB or your smartphone you can create scheduled timers, and your own at home ambiance for when friends come over. So let's take a look at a view of your options from the fantastic unboxers!

Beginner: Philips Hue Starter Kit

If you are new to smart lighting, definitely have to go with Philip's Hue Starter Kit which comes with the normal bulbs, light strip and corner lights. Considering I produce content at home, these really save space and give me more control as a director for the feel of my content. Take a look at the HUE app in action along with other ones that puts you in complete control.

Canoopsy Bedside Favorites

Taking a look at Canoopsy's favorites, not sure you can argue with a nice bedside solution such as the Xiaomi Yeelight controlled via bluetooth. Nice cylinder look and pretty simple design, with a touch function and more control from the mobile app. Had to try out the Yeelight for myself, which now gives me the option of 16 million colors at the touch of a swipe. Just had to turn the lightbulb on and off five times, enable bluetooth and I was playing with this for hours. Android option is available for this bulb. The Xiaomi Mijia Smart LED Desk Lamp looks like a great desk solution.

House Setup with Lamar!

Nothing like Lamar Wilson to give you an extra dose of energy and showcase a technical setup so you know what you are getting yourself into. So now that you know all the lights that are out there, it's time to set it up! Feel free to let us over at Unboxed about your experience!

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