Meet the Revolutionary GoPro Fusion

In the words of Founder and CEO, Nick Woodman, “It’s arguably the most versatile creative tool ever made.” Meet the revolutionary GoPro Fusion spherical camera, featuring 5.2K resolution and the ability to capture video in 360-degrees. Announced back in April, the Fusion looks a lot like it’s predecessors in the GoPro family, including the HERO6 announced on the 28th. With the dual cameras that are actually offset from each other, you won’t miss a view while you live your reality. What really gets me excited are the new preset effects, like Angel view, which removes the pole in view and makes it look as though the camera is hovering in front of you. A crowd favorite for the past few years is the effect called Little Planet, also known as Polar Panorama, that turn super wide angle photographs or videos into funky tiny planets. Two other great effects are Panoflow and Timeshift, but the real crowd pleaser is OverCapture.

Most Talked about Preset: OverCapture

The magic of OverCapture is that, as a single person, you are able to just position the 360 degree camera in the center of the action and choose a single point of the frame and film from there. From the GoPro editing app you can choose a frame in post production and focus on just that frame. In all, this reduces production cost and can help make you the ultimate filmmaker! If you want to take full advantage of your next adventure and be able to relive reality, the camera is available for pre-order through the GoPro website and will ship in November for $699. At that price you will be able to capture 5.2K spherical video with 30 fps and 3K spherical video with 60fps as well as 18 MP spherical photos.

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