This week in gaming: Xbox One X, Doom, and Sonic Forces
Should you buy an Xbox One X? Maybe. Should you buy Doom on the Nintendo Switch? Yes! Should you buy Sonic Forces? Oh noooooo.

Which game kept you up until the wee hours of the morning this week?  For me, it was Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch—but that might be short-lived, given just how much has happened in the world of gaming over the past few days. Get your wallet ready; here's a recap of some of the week's biggest highlights:

Is the Xbox One X worth buying?

4K gaming on Microsoft's latest console is going to put a $500 dent in your bank account, and a number of reviewers are questioning whether the console is worth the price. (Still, buying one can help you pretty up some of your favorite older titles.)

Boogie2988: "If you have an original Xbox One, it probably is worth the upgrade if you're someone who $300 or $400 difference is not a big deal to... You'll definitely notice the difference on a nice brand new television, HDR compliant, 4K. You'll probably still notice a difference on a 1080p television but I don't really think it's worth the upgrade for the 1080p upgrade."

DOOM arrives on the Nintendo Switch

For many, DOOM was a solid game of the year candidate in 2016, so it makes total sense that Bethesda would bring this killer title—literally—over to the Nintendo Switch. If you're curious how well it runs on a console that isn't known for having powerful hardware, check out our roundup!

Filip Miucin of IGN: "There is something really special about DOOM's kinetic run-and-gun style that works really well for quick pick up and play gaming sessions. On Switch, it's a technical achievement for portable console gaming and and outstanding game in it's own right."

Sonic Forces is... not good

How many of us grew up with the adventures of Sonic, the ridiculously fast hedgehog? That's probably you, and you probably had a passing interest—at least—when you heard that the Sonic franchise was continuing forward on the Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 with Sonic Forces. While the game has its diehard fans, it is nowhere near as good as the side-scrolling platformer Sonic Mania, which debuted earlier this year. 

videogamedunkey: "I'm gonna be honest guys, I was originally pretty skeptical of this whole create your own Sonic thing, but now that I see them side by side... yeah, you know, everyone in Sonic Team is going to hell for what they have created here."

Now, in all fairness to a game that maybe deserves a little more credit than it's getting, some longtime fans of the Sonic franchise did appear to have a good time in Sonic Forces.

Dillon & Frank Channel: "I genuinely enjoy the game and just wanted to share my excitement. I'm a longtime Sonic and Sega Fan (since 1996) and this game is a lot of fun to me."

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