Nov 17, 2017

Skyrim Switches it up, EA borks Battlefront II, and Pokemon rivals rock it

By Kyle Foley

In my last weekly roundup, I said Mario Odyssey was the game I just couldn't put down. A few incredible titles debuted this week that might—just might—knock the Cappy off my head.

Skyrim for Nintendo Switch

I have owned Skyrim on five different platforms now, but I'd still consider going for round number six on the Nintendo Switch.  Not only can you get exclusive Zelda gear in the game—sorry Mario fans, no Cappy—but you can also swing the Joy-Cons around like a barbarian to get your character to hack-and-slash, move them toward your chest to bring up your shield, or point at things you want to ping in the face with an arrow.  Let my character equip a tennis racket, and we're back to the golden days of the Nintendo Wii.

Arlo "You do realize, don't you, that the reason I didn't play Skyrim on my Xbox every second of the day was that I couldn't take it with me wherever I went, and every time I wanted to play I had to spend a bunch of time booting the whole thing up and that now... I swear, the second I'm done with this review I'm deleting this game to keep from playing it every second of the day."

Star Wars Battlefront II: A Microtransaction Story

What a long, strange week it's been for Electronic Arts.  Let's quickly recap: Star Wars Battlefront II is poised for a decent launch until the greater Internet gaming community (and Reddit, especially) gets furious over how long it takes to unlock the game's characters. EA backpeddles a bit about its microtransaction model—where you can pay to unlock characters faster—until eventually just killing the whole thing (for now).  

The big question remains: Will Electronic Arts actually keep improving the game's progression system so we can play as an Ewok without having to sink 40,000 hours into multiplayer, or are they going to reintroduce microtransactions once everything dies down a bit?

HelloGreedo: "Does that mean they're just taking them out temporarily and waiting for things to cool down before putting them back in? Oh my God."

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon are here!

If you're like me, you have been waiting months for these new Pokemon games to come out. Catching creatures on my smartphone no longer satiates the urge; a new 3DS game, I must have. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon takes trouble, doubles it, doubles it more, and doubles it a few more times, because trainers can square off against lots of classic villains from previous Pokemon games—now members of a new Team Rainbow Rocket. Catch this, Giovanni.

TheLeaderboard: "One thing's for sure, with all these baddies in the mix, trainers will have a lot of battling to do. Luckily, it looks like Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will feature tons of legendary Pokemon—all the better for trouncing Team Rainbow Rocket."