What to know about the Apple TV 4K

The question that has been buzzing in the tech community is whether or not the Apple TV 4K (5th gen) is worth the purchase. With Roku, Chromecast, and Fire HD at half the price, what will you get for Apple’s premium price?

What to know about the Apple TV

Apple promises to bring the best quality to your favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu, and ESPN with a faster performance thanks to their A10X Fusion chip. The price point varies whether you are getting the 32 GB at $149 or the 64 GB at $199. New wifi upgrades support both 2.4 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz on the 802.11 ac WiFi connection, making sure you have no connection drops. To really enjoy the new 4K Apple TV, you will probably want a 4K Television, otherwise it’s not really worth getting one since you won’t be able to experience the full spectrum of Dolby Vision (LG 4K and Limited Sony TVs).

Unboxing the Apple 4K TV

The Siri remote has a new minimalist design, incorporating a raised white ring around the menu key so you can feel the remote in the dark. For gamers out there, you can grab a bluetooth game controller and enjoy games on the Apple 4K TV. One thing to notice is that Apple took away the USB-C port and the TV itself is heavier with fans on the bottom.

Do we recommend it?

If you live and breathe YouTube, it's important to know that the Apple 4K TV does not support 4K or HDR for YouTube. There are cheaper options that do, however, such as the Roku Ultra ($99) and Chromecast Ultra ($69.) It’s also important to note big name Disney movie titles such as “Guardians of the Galaxy” will not be available in 4K HDR on the Apple TV. Apple has added Vudu support, but not quite in 4K. If you are used to items like the Nest or IFTTT, you should be excited about the HomeKit App, but if you are looking for pure entertainment then there are cheaper options out there with more content. In all, I would rather have a Roku Ultra than an Apple 4K TV, at least until Apple has more movie options.

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