[Quick Peek] Storage Containers Smart Label System / Like Having X-Ray Vision for Your Storage Bins - iPhone App plus Stickers for Moving, Shoe Boxes - Organize for Office, Home, Business - 32 Labels
  • TURBOCHARGE YOUR ORGANIZATION SYSTEM - Gone are the days of rummaging through cardboard boxes and tubs full of semi-categorized junk that spends 99% of the time in the back of a closet! With Quick Peek, you can instantly know what is inside any storage container, bin, cabinet, drawer or trunk anywhere in your house!
  • HOW IT WORKS - Apply one of the 32 included labels to an empty box. Using the IOS Iphone QuickPeek app, take a picture of the items you put inside the bin and name them. After taking your photo, just scan the qr code sticker on the box and your items will automatically be filed away in your new visual inventory within the App.
  • BETTER ORGANIZER = HAPPIER LIFE - When you start organizing better, you no longer have to stress about a messy storage closet, bedroom, garage, kitchen, shelf, or living room. Leave behind the stress of not being able to find something.
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