Hooke Audio
Hooke Verse - Bluetooth Headphones with Built in Binaural 3D Audio Microphones for Spatial VR Audio Recording and Playback (Black)
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  • 3D RECORDING: Wirelessly record binaural 3D Audio on any iOS and Android Device. Made for mobile, also compatible with DSLR, GoPro, 360 Fly or other VR capture cameras. Capture content that feels alive and can produce an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR).
  • FEATURES: 9 hours of 3D audio recording, 10 hours of music playback, wireless calling, noise isolating balanced dynamic drivers, and inline analog to digital converter for wired recordings. Verse 3D mics record from the ear. Sound is picked up exactly as you would hear it
  • HOOKE APP: Use the specially designed Hooke Audio App to record in 3D audio. Adjust the sound, record with special sound filters, generate a public feed or live stream, and use the 'selfie mode'
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