Aputure LS C120d 120D II Updated Daylight 180W LED Continuous V-Mount Video Light CRI96+ TLCI97+ 30,000lux@0.5m Bowens Mount Dual Power Supply 2.4G Remote Control
In Photography this Week
  • 🏆【25% Brighter than Aputure 120D】The Aputure 120D Mark 2 Boasts 30,000lux@0.5m w/ the Reflector, 135,000lux@0.5m w/ the Aputure Fresnel Mount, Comparable to A 1000W Tungsten Light
  • 🏆【Combined Controller-Power Unit】The C120D II is now powered by a single, all-in-one power box, which means less cabling and power components, less time setting up the light
  • 🏆【Accurate Color Rendition】CRI 96+ TLCI 97+ Guarantees Natural, Pristine Color for Broadcast Video, Photography, Television Production and Studio Filmmaking
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